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Want to complain about an exam?

Here is a checklist of things to remember.

1. Check the deadline and where to submit your complaint

For exam complaints, the deadline is 14 days from the date on which you are informed of the result.

Each faculty has a unit in its student administration that deals with exam complaints. Details of who to contact are available on your study page

2. State your name and the title of the exam

Make sure that you comply with all of the formal requirements, including your name, grade, the title of the exam and, if appropriate, the name of the course co-ordinator.

3. Describe the nature of the complaint

Are you complaining about the exam result, the basis for the exam, the way it was conducted or other factors?

4. Clearly state the academic justification for your complaint

Give the case worker the best possible basis on which to judge the complaint. Compare your exam with, for example:

  • the course description or the description of objectives for the course
  • the syllabus
  • the grading scale
  • the instructions for answering the exam question(s).

Please ignore this point if your complaint concerns the way the exam was conducted and not the academic side of it.

5. Make notes right away about oral exams you want to complain about

It can be difficult to document the nature of a complaint about an oral exam. The complaint will reflect your experience of the situation, which may differ from the examiner's.

It is a good idea to make notes about the conduct of the exam as soon after it as possible and to attach these notes as an appendix.

6. Consult the student ambassador

Get in touch with the student ambassador if you need guidance about complaints and appeals. We will read your submission and provide input but are not in a position to assess the academic aspects of it.

7. Know the process from start to finish

The process is as follows:

  • Submit your complaint within 14 days of being informed of your grade
  • The case worker requests comments from the internal and external examiner
  • Their comments are sent to you for further comment
  • A decision – either a reassessment, a re-examination or a rejection of your complaint – is made on the basis of your original submission and the subsequent comments
  • If offered a reassessment or re-examination, you are entitled to refuse and opt for the original grade
  • The deadline for appealing the decision is 14 days
  • A reassessment may result in the grade going up or down.

 For further details about the process, please refer to the Exam Order

We hope this has been useful and informative