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Want to complain about an exemption decision?

Here is a checklist of things to remember.

1. Check the deadline and where to submit your complaint

At the bottom of the decision you wish to complain about, you will find instructions about complaints and deadlines. Failure to comply with the deadline may result in the complaint being rejected out of hand. The instructions clearly state where to submit the complaint.

2. Describe the nature of the complaint

There are no formal requirements but explain what part of the decision you think was wrong and why.  It is important that you account for this as comprehensively as possible.

As a general rule, however, complaints are only allowed on legal issues, not on value judgements. For example, you are not entitled to appeal against a study board ruling on your academic aptitude or a decision about what constitutes special circumstances. Legal issues include:

  • Aspects of the complaint that were omitted from the original assessment of the case and should not have been
  • Emphasis being placed on aspects it should not have been placed on
  • Factually incorrect information being referred to during the case. 

3. Check the reference to the rules in the rejection

The decision must include a reference to the rules, ministerial orders and legislation pursuant to which it was made. Check that the references are correct. Rules, ministerial orders, acts etc. can be checked at  www.retsinformation.dk (in Danish) or in your curriculum. 

4. Submit the complaint from your UCPH e-mail address

Complaints may take the form of an e-mail or of an attachment to an e-mail. They must be submitted from your UCPH e-mail address. 

5. Request a receipt and a timetable from the faculty

Once you have sent the complaint, it is a good idea to check that it is in your ‘sent’ e-mail box. If you do not receive an automatic acknowledgement, you may contact the faculty and ask if it has been received and how long the process will take. 

6. Submitting a complaint does not suspend a decision

In general, the fact that a complaint is submitted does not stop the decision taking effect. This means that you must accept the decision and act accordingly unless, and until such times as, the complaint results in the decision being overturned. You are, however, entitled to request that the decision is suspended pending the outcome of your complaint.

7. Consult the student ambassador

If you are in any doubt about what to include in a complaint, you are welcome to contact the student ambassador. We are always on hand to read complaints and provide input.

We hope this has been useful and informative.