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The student ambassador’s recommendations 2015

Based on the trends identified in the cases referred to the office in 2015, the student ambassador submitted 4 recommendations to the University.

1. Focus on the rights of students with disabilities

On the basis of the enquiries, the student ambassador has received from students with disabilities in 2015, we will recommend that the university to have a special focus on the fact that students with disabilities will get the adjustments, which they are entitled.

The student ambassador will also focus on the group in the course of 2016.

2. Better reasons in examination appeals

Students express that they don’t feel heard in relation to the processing of their appeal. The student ambassador have no reason to believe that the complainants do not treated correctly and, therefore, it is recommended that the university provides students with a more detailed explanation in examination appeals.


3. Attention to PhD students

The number of PhD students who contact the student ambassador is not large. But those who contact give the impression that they fear of retaliation or to their careers if they or the student ambassador proceed with inappropriate conditions they have pointed out.

For the same reason some PhD students would not inform the student ambassador about their name or faculty. Therefore, the student ambassador recommends that the university is particularly aware of that PhD students can feel vulnerable

4. Improving the availability of information on UCPH-net

Students state to the student ambassador that they find it difficult to find the information on UCPH-net, which they have required for example in connection with illness.

The student ambassador has made a number of random samples of the pages describing the study programs and found that most of the information can be found on the samples related to study pages, but that it may be difficult to find the path that leads to them.