Recommendations 2014 – University of Copenhagen

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The student ambassador’s recommendations 2014

Based on the trends identified in the cases referred to the office in 2014, the student ambassador submitted 4 recommendations to the University.

1. Focus on solutions instead of formalities

Avoid unnecessary casework

The University of Copenhagen would be able to avoid unnecessary casework, save resources and provide students with greater clarity by focusing on resolving cases rather than on formalities and processes.

Take responsibility for finding solutions

The recommendation that the University focus on solutions is related to last year's recommendation for a more modern and dialogue-based approach to the students, which in turn stemmed from last year's report. The administration should listen to students, be empathetic and assume responsibility for finding solutions.

2. Better reasoning in rulings

Comply fully with the Public Administration Act and justify rulings in writing

The University of Copenhagen should be better at justifying its rulings when students’ complaints and appeals are not upheld fully. A number of rulings referred to the student ambassador have contained little or no reasoning.

The Public Administration Act stipulates that a reason must be given and some appeals would be avoided if the ruling properly explained the reasons for the decision to the student.

Training where needed

The student ambassador is happy to train relevant members of staff using real-life examples of cases submitted by students and comparing them to the rules in the Public Administration Act.


3. Clear plagiarism rules

Publish clear and accessible rules on plagiarism

The University of Copenhagen should ensure that the rules about cheating are as clear as possible, that everybody knows what constitutes a breach of the rules and that both practice and the potential punishments are well documented and transparent.

4. The students must know the rules

Inform students that they must know the rules

Students at the University of Copenhagen ought to familiarise themselves with all of the rules that apply to their study programmes, e.g. in the curricula as well as ministerial orders and other rules and regulations.

Some of the inquiries could have been avoided if the students had been more familiar with the rules for their study programmes.