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Right to three exam attempts

You have the right to three attempts at every exam. Use them with care. Further attempts may be granted but there is no guarantee of this.

Exception for first-year examinations

However, there is one exception of which you should be aware. You do not have the right to three attempts at the tests that make up the first-year exam.

The University is entitled to withdraw your registration if you do not meet the requirements for the first-year exam, irrespective of the fact that you have not had the opportunity to sit the tests three times.

See your study page for further information about the requirements for first-year exams.

Extra exam attempts

If you do not pass your exam at the third attempt, you can apply for permission to try again. Permission may be granted if the study board finds that exceptional circumstances apply.

See your study page for details of how to apply for extra exam attempts.

Example of an inquiry to the student ambassador

A student had used all three attempts and thought applying for further attempts was a mere formality. He thought that he had not really used up all of his attempts because he had submitted blank papers.

He was told that he should present documentation that, at the time of the previous attempts, special circumstances made it impossible for him to sit the exams, and that his situation was a different one now. This would be difficult for him to prove. Students who are not granted further attempts have their registration withdrawn.