Errors or irregularities at exams

Was your exam has not being carried out as described in the course description? Where there problems with the examination room or technical aids? Where there pages missing or unclear structure in the assignment to your written on-site exam?

Errors and irregularities during an exam can occur. Those are the exam administration at your faculty or department always to remedy. No matter whether you file a complaint or not.

If you become aware of any error ore irregularity after you have received your grade - and at the same time wish to complain about the assessment, etc. - we recommend that you describe the error or irregularity in the complaint, if you can argue that it has been a contributing factor to the assessment have been lower than it should have been.

If you become aware of errors before or during an exam 

If you become aware of an error or irregularity before or during an exam, you should as soon as possible inform the faculty's/the department's examination administration for your degree program. We recommend that you make it both orally and in writing. And as specific and chronological described as possible.

Ask your fellow students, whether they are experiencing the same. And suggest that they must also make the exam administration aware of the error or irregularity.

When you make the exam administration aware of errors or irregularities in connection with an examination, the faculty must decide - and should also preferably send a decision on the basis of writing about - how the faculty remedy the error or irregularity. The faculty normally ask for a statement from the person responsible for the exam - course coordinator, supervisor etc. - before the decision is made.

The faculty may decide to annul the exam and arrange an extraordinary re-examination, if the faculty believes that:

  • Errors or irregularities during an examination has a particularly severe grade, or
  • It is the most correct way to remedy the error or irregularity, or
  • There are other significant errors and irregularities at the exam.

The Faculty must offer the so-called extraordinary re-exam to all students whose examinations suffer from the same errors or irregularities.

If you participate in the extraordinary re-exam, you can choose to keep your evaluation, you were granted originally.

The above framework is laid down by the ministry and is described in the Exam Order, section 21 (in Danish)