Recommandations 2017

Three recommandations for the academic year 2018-2019
The recommendations contained in the student ambassador’s annual report report for 2017 is on the basis of impressions from the approximately 1% of University of Copenhagen (UCPH) students who approached me during 2017 concerning ongoing cases and from meetings with UCPH student organisations, administration and interest organisations since April and the 2016 Annual Report, etc.

For the academic year 2018-2019, I recommend the following focus:

The entire administration of UCPH becomes increasingly better at communicating clearly and in a correct and timely fashion when processing students’ applications, complaints and disciplinary proceedings.

All study boards, exemption committees etc. keep working on the implementation of the university’s indicative guidelines on the processing of applications from students with disabilities.

Administration in all situations under recommendations 1 and 2 increases focus on moving dministration culture towards improving coherence between: 1. The student’s legal rights: Relevant regulations forming the basis for the ruling etc. 2. The student’s sense of justice: The student experiencing that she or he has been treated fairly. 3. The time the student has to complete her or his course.