Recommendations 2016

Based on the trends identified in the cases referred to the office in 2016, the student ambassador submitted 5 recommendations to the University.

1. Focus on the rights of students with functional impairments

The Student Ambassador recommends that the University continues to focus on the rights of students with functional impairments. In 2015, a strategy was adopted for students with functional impairments, and the Student Ambassador participated in a working group that prepared a guide on the handling of applications for adjustments for this group of students.

Yet strategies and guidelines are not enough, and the Student Ambassador still encounters students who find it difficult to obtain the adjustments to which - in the Student Ambassador’s assessment - they are entitled. 

2. Better guidelines and faster case handling in disciplinary cases

The Student Ambassador recommends that the University focuses on better guidance concerning what is permitted and what is not permitted at individual exams, so that students can simply and easily find out what is permitted at each individual exam.

It is also recommended to focus on the case processing time in disciplinary cases, so that students do not have to spend several months waiting for news about their situation. 

3. Better grounds for decisions

The Student Ambassador recommends focusing on better grounds for decisions. The Student Ambassador continues to see a number of decisions that appear to be highly standardised.

It may be expedient to have standards as the starting point for decisions. However, it is not appropriate for these to become so standardised that the student is in doubt as to whether the case has actually been considered, either because only the student's name reveals that the decision concerns that particular student's case, or because the issues raised by the student in the application or complaint have only been considered to a very limited extent.

4. Use your exam attempts and the possibility of reporting ill, if necessary

Recommendation 4 is for these students The Student Ambassador receives enquiries from students who are to apply for a fourth exam attempt or whose application for a fourth exam attempt has been refused. Several of these students have not actually used one or more of the three exam attempts to which they are entitled.

Students cannot be certain that they will be granted extra exam attempts in addition to the three to which they are entitled. The Student Ambassador therefore recommends that students actually use the three exam attempts and report it if they are unable to take an exam due to illness. Students should not count on being granted a new attempt.

5. Use the Student Ambassador

The Student Ambassador function has now existed for four years and has received more than 1,000 enquiries. Students’ enquiries relate to many different conditions at the University of Copenhagen, and at different levels of the study programmes.

There aren’t many – if any – that have as much insight into students' challenges across the faculties as the Student Ambassador. The Student Ambassador’s recommendation is therefore for the University of Copenhagen to make greater use of the experience gained by the Student Ambassador.