Illness and exam attemts

If you are ill on the day of an exam, you must report sick. If your illness is sufficiently documented, the exam does not count as an attempt.

It is always best to report sick immediately and not delay. The Student Ambassador receives enquiries from students who have run out of exam attempts because they have been ill and have not reported it.



































If you do not comply with the requirements for maximum duration of study and first-year exam, you will lose your right to three exam attempts.

As a general rule, you are required to complete your studies within the maximum duration of study. If you have not applied for and been granted exemption to exceed the maximum duration of study, you will lose the right to any unused exam attempts.

If you are a bachelor student, this also applies to the exams that are included in the first-year exam. The University may withdraw your registration if you do not meet the first-year exam requirement, no matter that you have not been given the opportunity to sit three exam attempts in your first-year exam courses. However, you must have had the opportunity to use at least two exam attempts during your first year of studies before your registration can be withdrawn.

Read more about the maximum completion time and the first-year exam requirement on your study information page > Planning your studies > Study activity requirements" (Requires login)