About the Student Ambassador



The Student Ambassador provides impartial advice about issues related to your studies. The ambassador can help you get an overview of your rights and obligations concerning specific procedures at the University.

All conversations and meetings are in the strictest confidence and all advice is provided without obligation.





Do you experience unfair treatment or are you in a procedural grey area and don’t know who to contact? Contact the Student Ambassador for guidance and sparring.

For example, if you:

  • need to apply for exemption to extend completion time, to be allowed extra exam attempts or extra time during exams
  • consider complaining about rulings, exam conditions or poor counselling.
  • are suspected of exam cheating
  • experience bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, racism etc.
  • need mediation because a case is deadlocked

The Student Ambassador can also participate in meetings between students and the University's administration as a neutral third party with the right to speak.

Read how the Student Ambassador announced this to the organisation.

See also the Student Ambassador's checklists on writing complaints and applications for exemption.