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What the student ambassador does

The student ambassador provides impartial legal advice about issues related to your studies. The ambassador can inform you of your rights and obligations concerning specific procedures at the University.

Specific cases

The student ambassador provides advice on:

  • Exemptions (to extend the maximum duration of study, to add extra exam attempts, to be allowed more time during exams due to a disability)
  • Complaints about rulings, exam conditions or poor counselling
  • Cases of suspected exam cheating.

Read our checklists on how to:

General conditions

The service is also available if you need to be sure of your rights in other circumstances, e.g. if you:

  • Feel that you have been treated unfairly
  • Have been subjected to a physical or mental assault
  • Require mediation because a case is deadlocked
  • Find yourself in a procedural grey area and don’t know where to turn.

All referrals are in the strictest confidence and not binding. The student ambassador will only contact the faculty with your express agreement.

What the student ambassador can’t do

The student ambassador is not empowered to:

  • Issue rulings
  • Act as your lawyer or as a party to a case
  • Comment on academic or resource issues, including whether a grade is correct.

If your inquiry is outside the ambassador’s remit, you will always be referred to the appropriate body.

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