Rules of procedure for the Student Ambassador

When the board established the Student Ambassador function in 2013, it was decided that the Student Ambassador's activities was to be evaluated after three years. The evaluation was completed in November 2017 and has resulted in a revision of the Rules of procedure for the University of Copenhagen's Student Ambassador.

Neutral third party at meetings

The new rules of procedure do not cause major changes in the Student Ambassador's competencies. What's new, however, is that the Student Ambassador is now " entitled to participate in meetings between a student and the administration as a neutral third party with a right to be heard.".

Read the full evaluation report (In danish only).

Read the news about the new rules of procedure at KUnet (Log in required).

The evaluation committee consisted of:

Dean of The Faculty of Theology Kirsten Busch Nielsen (Chairman)
University Director Jesper Olesen
Joan Lykkeaa (TAP member)
Michael Gøtze (VIP member)
Rebecca Ingemann (student)
Cielia Eckardt (student)