Exam complaints


1: Know the deadline for complaints and the recipient of the complaint

In the case of exam complaints, the deadline is usually 14 days from the time you have received your assessment. The study administration at your faculty has a unit that deals with exam complaints. You will find the faculty's complaint guide and contact information on your study information page on KUnet under Exam> Grades and complaints> Complaints options. 

2: Make sure the formalities are in place

If the faculty wants your complaint via a form, you will be asked to fill in relevant information there. If there is no form available on your study information page, we recommend that you write your name, grade, the exam you are complaining about and possibly name of the course coordinator in your complaint.

3: Describe what you are complaining about and what you want to achieve

Define if you are complaining about:

  • Academic issues
  • The examination process
  • Legal issues (what are legal issues? Read here.)

 And describe why you are complaining. Let it be stated at the beginning of the complaint whether you want a re-assessment or a re-examination. Both will always be done by new assessors.

Were there errors before or during the exam? Read here.

4: Justify the complaint. If you complain about the assessment or the examination basis, you must substantiate the complaint. We recommend that you do this by comparing your exam with, for example:

  • Course description and the course's academic goals
  • Curriculum
  • Grade scale
  • Correction guide

 The administration makes the decision. The caseworker does not have professional insight into your exam. Therefore, make sure to unfold your arguments so that the case officer has a description that is a specific as possible for processing the complaint. 

5: Contact the Student Ambassador

We are happy to read your complaint and provide input on how you have described the above points. You can reach us here. 

6: Send the complaint via a form on KUnet

At most faculties, you will find a form for exam complaints on your study information page. If this does not apply to your faculty, please send your complaint from your KUmail.

Find your education's guide to complaining about exams on your study information page below:

Exam> Grades and complaints> appeal options





1) You submit your complaint within 14 days of being informed of your grade. You can apply for exemption to extend time limits, if you can document special circumstances. Find out what special circumstances can be.

2) The case worker requests comments from the internal and external examiner. The total processing time is typically 4-6 weeks.

3) The comments of the internal and external examiner are sent to you for further comments typically with the deadline of 1 week.

4) The faculty case worker makes a decision. Either you will be offered a reassessment/reexamination carried out by new examiners or your complaint will be rejected. The decision is made on the basis of your original submission and the subsequent comments. A reassessment or reexamination may result in the grade going both up or down. If offered a reassessment or reexamination, you are entitled to refuse and opt for the original grade.

5) If you want to appeal the decision the deadline for appealing is 14 days. Read more about this process in the exam order (in Danish).