Right to access – University of Copenhagen

Right to access

People with disabilities have the right to reasonable accommodation in order to complete their studies on equal terms with their peers.

Disabilities include dyslexia and physical or mental conditions.

The University conducts individual assessments of whether the accommodations are appropriate for the student concerned. These accommodations may include longer exams and part-time study.

Read more about having a disability and how to apply for alignment as:

Example of an inquiry to the student ambassador

A student with dyslexia had applied for extra time to complete an exam. The application had been refused on the grounds that the exam lasted less than two hours, and that the curriculum stipulated that extra time cannot be given for exams lasting less than two hours.

The ruling surprised the student – after all, he still has dyslexia whether the exam lasts more or less than two hours. The Student Ambassador contacted the faculty, and the case was reopened. The student submitted a new application and was granted 25% more time for the exam.