Right to bring a witness – University of Copenhagen

Right to bring a witness

In principle, you have the right to be accompanied by a witness (also called an observer) to all meetings with the University, including meetings with your head of studies in cases of suspected exam cheating.

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The observer is not there to argue your case and does not play an active role in the dialogue. The role of the observer is to provide support. Family members and trusted friends make good observers. 

After the meeting, the witness can help you keep track of what was said and decided, so it is a good idea for the observer to take notes.

Example of an inquiry to the student ambassador

A student had been invited by the head of studies to a meeting about suspected exam cheating. She wanted to know what to expect at the meeting and during the process. At the meeting with the head of studies, she would like to explain herself, but was nervous and found it difficult to gather her thoughts.

The student ambassador explained the process and recommended that the student took a witness with her to the meeting. The student then discussed the meeting with the witness and wrote down what she wanted to say. During the meeting, the witness reminded her of these notes. The witness’ presence also made the student feel she was not alone in her encounter with the University.