Right to an explanation

If you submit an application for exemption or a complaint and it is rejected, you have the right to:

  • An explanation
  • A reference to the rules on which the ruling is based
  • Information about the appeals procedure.

Explanations must clearly state why the decision was made. In this way, you know why the decision was made and who to appeal to if you disagree with it.

Read more about the requirement for an explanation and the complaint guidelines in the Public Administration Act (Danish).

The student ambassador’s experience is that an adequate explanation means students have a better understanding of an issue even when applications are rejected. 

In the example below, the study board could have elaborated on why it thought that the fact that the student’s father was ill did not constitute exceptional circumstances.

It could have mentioned the burden of documentary evidence, for example, i.e. that the exam coincided with her father’s illness.